Street furniture, Bicycle parking, Shelters and Sport

Working together to create a more liveable and attractive public outdoor space

For over 60 years VelopA has been setting the standard to enhance the appeal of public spaces. Together we want to play an even bigger role in improving the quality of life in towns and villages, and create public spaces everyone can enjoy. We use our knowledge and expertise to design unique solutions and develop sustainable products.

Excellence through innovation and design

VelopA has built a wide circle of clients in sectors such as government, architecture, education, health care, business, construction (ground, roads and waterways) and leisure. Together we design and develop total concepts and cutting-edge strategies that stand out through innovation and design.

High quality and sustainability

We only want the very best solutions for public spaces. That is why we choose to work with high-grade and sustainable materials, ensuring that our solutions not only have a long lifespan, but also contribute to a more sustainable society. We strive for circular entrepreneurship, with products that are 100% reusable.

Working together towards one goal

We would love to share our expertise in areas such as bicycle parking facilities, bicycle shelters, street furniture, outdoor sports and play facilities. By working closely with partners from our extensive network we are able to provide innovative solutions to any problem, tailored to meet its specific needs.

VelopA is the European leader in enhancing the appeal of public spaces and is part of the Crowd Group, together with IJslander and Cyclepods. We have our headquarters in the Netherlands, with further offices in Belgium, Germany and France. In order to service the rest of Europe, we work together with distributors.

VelopA's certifications

VelopA has received certifications since 1998 for quality norms and environmental rulings. Take a look at our certifications here.

Sustainability & CSR

VelopA strives to operate as a socially responsible company. VelopA's contribution to CSR can be divided into three areas...

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VelopA was awarded its International Quality standard ISO 9001 in 1998.


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