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About VelopA

What could be more rewarding than giving people pleasure, simply by providing them with an attractive environment using functional, sustainable elements?

VelopA Living Outside TogetherWelcome to VelopA. VelopA provides street furniture for public open spaces. This is a role that we think about very carefully because outdoor public spaces belong to all of us. They are places of recreation and relaxation. At VelopA, we seek to make sure that people feel encouraged to exercise, cycle and play in this shared environment. We also bring a splash of green into an otherwise built-up outdoor environment.

VelopA has sites in Leiderdorp (the Netherlands), Leuven and Gembloux (Belgium) and Duisburg (Germany). We are the market leader for street furniture and bicycle parking systems in the Benelux.

Quality products to suit all styles

We have our own team of designers and we work with a number of exclusive VelopA producers. We are continuously trying to renew and improve our products. We promise to provide an extensive range of high-quality contemporary products, all available in various sizes, colours and materials, making them perfect for combining together. We have a product to suit every style and every budget.

You are what drives us!

You are the motor of our success. What enables us to move forward is our position at the heart of society, communicating clearly and openly and listening carefully to our clients and end-users. This is how we identify new opportunities and develop even better products, which make us stand out from the rest. For us, that is an excellent reason to be available for our clients at all times and to make good on our commitments to them. This is our way of contributing to an attractive environment which everyone can enjoy!

Sustainability and corporate social responsibility

VelopA strives to operate as a socially responsible company. Here is a summary of how VelopA operates in a socially responsible manner. VelopA’s contribution to corporate social responsibility can be divided into three areas:

VelopA contributes to a healthy and sustainable society!

  • Products which encourage people to be physically active
  • Products which encourage positive interaction between people of all ages
  • Products which help young people to develop in a positive way

VelopA is an organization with a strong sense of social commitment and environmental sustainability

  • Environmental action
  • CO2 reduction
  • Certificates
  • Cradle to Cradle
  • Reduction of waste production
  • Other efforts in the area of CSR

VelopA makes sustainable products

Sustainability is an essential aspect in the design of every VelopA product. We can guarantee that all our products can be delivered sustainably.



Dutch Cycling Embassy

The Dutch experience with cycling, be it urban planning, road design, bikeparking, traffic policy or (e)bikes, has value for other countries as well. The Dutch Cycling Embassy is your portal to Dutch expertise on cycling.




The association Fipavo provides the certification FietsParKeur for bicycle stands. VelopA takes part in Fipavo to share knowledge.