Street furniture, Bicycle parking, Shelters and Sport

Additional terms


All prices are net and exclude VAT.


Postage costs: In the event that an order is dispatched by post, there will be a minimum charge at least € 10,-.

Delivery: Ex Works

Delivery time: Dependent upon product. See catalogue for number of delivery weeks. The stated number of weeks refers to the number of weeks necessary to supply the goods ready for shipping. You will receive notification from our transport department as soon as the consignment can be collected.

Payment: 100% immediately upon ordering, unless agreed otherwise.


The prices in our quotes are valid for two months after stated date, subject to interim price changes on the commodity market.

Order confirmation

For each order you will receive an order confirmation for your inspection. In order to prevent incorrect deliveries we would kindly request that you inspect this order confirmation closely and inform us of any potential changes immediately. If we do not receive notification from you within 24 hours we will assume that you are in agreement with the order confirmation and the conditions stated and we will begin to process your order.

Many items can be delivered in multiple finishes. You can find the general item numbers in the ordering catalogue that you can use to order. Please clearly specify the design and/or RAL colour in your written order. Finally, you may come across a different item number in your order confirmation.


Orders may not be cancelled, except and exclusively after consultation with the Customer Service department. A charge of at least € 75.00 is always levied for a cancelled order. In addition VelopA has the right to claim compensation for any damages such as losses suffered, lost profit and costs incurred.


If you, for whatever reason, need to postpone the delivery, this is free of charge. Only if you confirm these changes at least 2 weeks before the delivery week, which is mentioned on the order confirmation.

Delivery times

The delivery time is the time we need to prepare the order for shipment. This does not include the time needed for transport from Leiderdorp to your location. You will be informed of any change to that delivery time (time needed to prepare the shipment) either in writing or by telephone. For concrete items the delivery time is very dependent upon the setting of the moulds.

When ordering multiple products, we use the longest delivery time indicated.


Our products are standard unassembled (as a kit) when delivered. The products are easy to assemble. We provide mounting instructions / specifications with every product we deliver.

Guarantee conditions

The principle of the guarantee is that VelopA shall repair the products. VelopA must be allowed a reasonable opportunity to do so. Consequential loss, travel and transport costs and construction and assembly costs may not be charged to VelopA. The costs of unjustified guarantee claims are to be borne by the customer.

Reporting of defects

If, during inspection, it is established that the products are not compliant, this must be immediately reported to VelopA.

VelopAís general terms and conditions constitute an unbreakable element of these guarantee conditions and are valid as further specification.


Anti-rust treatment for steel

All our steel products are thermally galvanized. The zinc forms a durable protective layer that prevents the formation of rust. The thermal galvanizing procedure takes place in accordance with NEN-EN-ISO 1461.


Steel coatings

Nearly all our steel products can be provided with a powder coating in the RAL colour of your choice. These are all applied over the galvanized steel, which means that the full coating provides a very durable protection against the formation of rust. The powder coating is applied to the galvanized steel in accordance with NEN 5254 (the standard degree of gloss for the powder coating in a RAL colour is 80%). One important aspect of this standard is that for exterior products no unevenness is visible from up to 3 metres. Some products can be delivered in all RAL colours. In a number of cases a surcharge is payable.


Wood and maintenance

Wood is one of the purest natural materials. The quality is determined by many factors during the growing process of the tree and during the processing of the wood. VelopA carefully selects the correct type of wood for every application and places high demands on its suppliers. VelopA considers that small natural irregularities are acceptable because they accentuate the natural appearance. This is a conscious choice that VelopA has made for its customers. Non-natural unevenness, course natural unevenness and deficiencies in the wood that affect the functioning or use of the product are not acceptable for VelopA.


Concrete products

When pouring concrete products there are many factors that influence the final quality and appearance of the end product. Nuances of colour and small areas of unevenness are inherently associated with the material and the production methods give the product a natural appearance. A crack that causes injury, damage to clothing or that weakens the product (a crack that runs too deep) is not acceptable. A hairline crack in the surface is acceptable and VelopA has made a conscious decision in this respect. Structural and/or rough unevenness and differences in colour are not acceptable. During the hardening process limestone seeps from the concrete. This leaves a white deposit on the concrete, which cannot be avoided. For dark grey products such as Etna and Max the outer surface is rubbed down with a layer of Color Fresh as soon as possible after production. This prevents further seepage of limestone. Since the product has to harden for one day in the mould, seepage of limestone cannot be prevented 100%. The material is therefore subject to slight staining.

Any slight differences in colour that may arise during production and/or storage cannot be prevented. Max and Etna products also tend to discolour slightly over time, although the nature and extent of this will vary, depending on the amount of weathering to which the product in question is exposed.

Concrete products for which strength is very important are provided with reinforcement.

Version: 01/2013