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CO2 Performance Ladder

VelopA measured its ‘carbon footprint’ for the years 2013. A company’s ‘carbon footprint’ means the environmental impact that a company has in the form of CO2 and other greenhouse gases through its business activities

The analyses relating to the years 2008 and 2009 were performed annually in relation to those individual years. As of 2010, the analysis will be conducted on a two-yearly basis according to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and ISO 14064-1.

Scope 1 emissions (direct emissions) are produced through the consumption of energy for heating, the use of fuel by machinery, company owned or leased cars and escaped cooling gases from air conditioning systems.

Scope 2 emissions (indirect emissions) are produced through the use of energy consumption in the form of electricity, the use of privately owned vehicles for company business and commuting.

Scope 3 emissions (emissions by third parties) are produced through energy consumption, during the processing of waste products, electricity consumption by clients, the use of public transport for business purposes.

Emissions are quantified by converting energy consumption data (kWh for electricity; cubic metres for gas; litres for diesel fuel; etc.) into CO2 emissions.  The conversion factors made available by the Dutch organization SKOA were used to perform these calculations.

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