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VelopA has calculated its carbon footprint for 2013. This carbon footprint indicates the total amount of greenhouse gases (CO2) that VelopA has produced through its business activities over the year.

Analysing VelopA’s CO2 emissions 2008-2013

VelopA monitors and evaluates its energy consumption every year in order to continue its downward trend. VelopA began to monitor its emissions in 2008, and as such, 2008 serves as the reference year.  VelopA’s total emissions of CO2 were 824 tons in 2008, 818 tons in 2009, 640 tons in 2010, 526 tons in 2011, 505 tons in 2012 and 548 tons in 2013. VelopA’s carbon footprint for 2008-2013 is shown below.

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