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Sustainability Policy

VelopA puts a strong emphasis on sustainability and thus strives towards sustainable business practices. This means that VelopA aims not just for development in commercial terms, but also in social terms. VelopA has made a conscious and principled choice to contribute to sustainable development. VelopA also wants to meet growing demand from environmentally sustainable purchasing, which ever more customers are now insisting on.  

For this reason, VelopA has put the following Sustainability Policy in place:

1. Sustainability and people

VelopA is a reliable employer. Our employees are motivated, enthusiastic and proud of the products we make, and they take responsibility for the performance of the organization. At VelopA, employees are consistently given the space to develop and take responsibility. VelopA takes all reasonable steps to protect the health and safety of its employees. VelopA seeks to develop relationships with suppliers who prioritize the same core values, meaning that child labour or forced labour will never be used under any circumstances.

2. Sustainability and resources

By resources, we refer not only to purely financial resources, but also to matters such as employment opportunities, location policy, social involvement etc., while never losing sight of the our central role as a commercial organization. Over the years, VelopA has demonstrated that providing employment opportunities and regional commitment are important considerations.

3. Sustainability and the environment

In the years to come, VelopA wants to put the environment first in all the areas of the organization’s activity, even more than was already the case. Environmental concern, supply chain management, cleaner products, sustainable technological developments by suppliers – these are all examples of the areas we are currently focusing on.

Specific examples of our Sustainability Policy

VelopA’s proactive attitude towards sustainability can clearly be seen in our products. For example, our play apparatus contains no copper, our products are available using wood that meets the standards of the Forest Stewardship Council, and VelopA was the first company in the sector to launch cradle-to-cradle products in 2009. One of VelopA’s designers focuses exclusively on ensuring that our products are environmentally sustainable. And you can be certain that VelopA will continue to strive for progress in this area.