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VelopA B.V.’s declaration on environmental policy

VelopA B.V. is an independent company employing 75 people. VelopA’s core values embody its mission to contribute to a sustainable and pleasant living environment for people by offering a wide range of products for public and semi-public outdoor spaces.

VelopA has locations in Leiderdorp in the Netherlands, in Leuven and Gembloux in Belgium, and in Duisburg in Germany. The declaration on environmental policy applies to all these locations.

VelopA aims to arrange its internal business operations in a socially responsible manner. VelopA achieves this by – for example – ensuring that environmental considerations are always carefully respected. As a learning organization, the company works continuously to achieve this goal and seeks to make proactive improvements. Monitoring takes place using an environmental management system which meets the international ISO 14001 standard. Since May 2010, VelopA has been in possession of an ISO 14001 certificate.

The environmental management system is kept up-to-date so that the requirements of the latest environmental legislation are always met. This process is monitored by the director, who has appointed an environmental coordinator for this purpose.

VelopA’s environmental policy aims to:

• create as much environmental awareness as possible in the supply chain: supplier – VelopA – customer;
• act as responsibly as possible internally, so that the environmental burden is kept to a minimum;
• encourage the use of ‘green’ products (such as recycled paper, green electricity);
• evaluate and, using new techniques, periodically adjust its environmental objectives where necessary in order to enhance environmental performance continuously;
• meet all relevant legislative requirements.

Targets are set annually within the context of the environmental management system. These targets are assessed annually and adjusted by management where appropriate.

The director is responsible for setting environmental policy.

This environmental declaration has been made known to the entire organization, the competent authorities and stakeholders and it is also publicly accessible on the website.

P. Cuperus
Director, VelopA B.V.