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Our contribution to a healthy society

It is VelopA’s mission to make spending time together in public spaces more pleasant. All our products are designed to enhance the time we spend together outdoors. For us, it’s all about bringing people enjoyment!

VelopA supplies bicycle parking facilities on a large scale. These products promote cycling and the use of bicycles. We do this because we believe in the future of the bicycle and we believe that cycling has enormous potential to help make our society more sustainable. Cycling is healthy too. For VelopA, cycling is sustainable to the core and by encouraging it, we are also contributing to a healthy society.

To give cycling a further boost, VelopA has developed a charging point for electric bicycles. Promoting the use of electric bicycles means enabling an even larger group of people to cycle.

Our subsidiary, VelopA-Omniplay Nederland, supplies sports and play facilities for outdoor spaces. These facilities promote sport and encourage play for everyone. A well-equipped playground or sports area makes it possible for everyone to get enough exercise.


Richard Krajicek Foundation

As part of our efforts to support the use of outdoor sports facilities, VelopA-Omniplay Nederland has formed a partnership with the Richard Krajicek Foundation. This is a charitable organization which promotes sports within a socially safe environment for youngsters who live in areas with limited facilities. In Krajicek Playgrounds, there is supervision available for sport and games for at least nine hours a week. This supervision means that groups of people that would not normally be able to exercise also have the chance to do so. They are also encouraged to try sports that they could not normally afford. The Richard Krajicek Foundation does not buy products or ‘hardware’; it focuses on the ‘software’ – providing supervision on existing sites.

We help the Richard Krajicek Foundation by financing scholarships for three young people. This money allows the Richard Krajicek Foundation to pay for their training to become fully qualified sports instructors. As part of their studies, they provide 100 hours of supervision at a playground. The three trainees that VelopA-Omniplay Nederland is sponsoring in 2011-2012 provide sports supervision in Amersfoort, The Hague and Rotterdam.

Two of them have recorded a guided tour of the playground where they are working. You can watch the tours here.

We are also exploring a number of other projects with the Richard Krajicek Foundation to meet their specific product needs. For example, we are currently looking at a proposal for providing supervision at the Krajicek Playgrounds throughout the whole year, instead of just for nine months. We very much hope we can help make this happen.

HoogvlietMVOstukAn example of a project that has been realized by VelopA-Omniplay Nederland.
For example the Vestia Playground in Hoogvliet, Rotterdam. A combination of sports and play facilities which brings users together.


Johan Cruyff Foundation

On 1 November 2011, VelopA-Omniplay Nederland became the sponsor and preferred supplier of the Johan Cruyff Foundation. Since its launch in 1997, the Johan Cruyff Foundation has grown into an organization which gets young people moving and keeps them moving – every day! The Foundation does this by setting up and supporting projects that foster sports and organized physical activities. This is done in partnership with sports associations and clubs, schools, businesses and government organizations, because: ‘Alone you can’t do anything – you have to do it together’.

VelopA-Omniplay Nederland considers it important to stimulate sports and exercise, which is why it is proud to sponsor the Johan Cruyff Foundation.


SOS Children’s Villages

VelopA-Omniplay Nederland has been working with SOS Children’s Villages since 8 November 2011. This short video explains what the organization does and why we are very happy to be working with them.

SOS Children’s Villages works to promote caring family situations for children in need. We help them to shape their own futures and support the development of their community. Both SOS Children’s Villages and VelopA-Omniplay Nederland believe that every child should grow up in a safe family environment where they are surrounded by love and respect.
The partnership between SOS Children’s Villages and VelopA-Omniplay Nederland includes the following aspects:

  • VelopA-Omniplay Nederland plans to market SOS Children’s Villages playgrounds in the Netherlands;
  • VelopA-Omniplay Nederland has developed three themed playgrounds for SOS Children’s Villages; the themes they reflect are ‘Love’, ‘Home’ and ‘the World’;
  • For each SOS Children’s Village playground that is sold, €2000 will go to SOS Children’s Villages;
  • The director of VelopA-Omniplay Nederland is going to give tennis lessons at a Children’s Village in Ghana;
  • We are going to organize a family day together, the proceeds from which will go to SOS Children’s Villages.

Here are a few examples of our SOS Children’s Villages playgrounds:


‘The World’ theme

The various areas are linked to each other, just as the different parts of the world should be linked to each other. The play apparatus allows children to climb from one part of the world to the other. 


‘Love’ theme

Here you should imagine a pleasant grass area where you can spend time together. There’s a path and lots of green space.



‘At Home’ theme

The play apparatus in the middle represents a house. There are some other fun features like a swing, a see-saw, a basket swing and so on. It should look like a real house, so there will also be a fence in the form of railings.


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