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More attention for circularity, bicycle mobility and design

VelopA's vision for 2018.

2018 is set to be a landmark year in our company's history. We are scaling up our efforts to commit to the circular economy and are planning to intensify our focus on improving bicycle mobility. Our strongest motivation for doing our work is, and always will be, delivering top-quality products with the greatest design.


Here at VelopA, we believe in the circular economy and the lasting positive and negative effects that our products have on the environment. Which is why I am proud to announce the launch of the VelopA Circular Collection. In early 2018, the results from a number of studies and partnerships formed in 2017 will be published. All of our product segments contain various products with a circular design. These include circular bicycle racks, waste bins, posts and outdoor benches. In 2018, we will continue to expand our circular product range and increase the circularity of our products. This means that circularity is constantly evolving in three ways: in terms of new materials, production methods and business models. Our aim is to be a frontrunner in this area.

Bicycle mobility

Cycling is in VelopA's DNA. In 1955, we launched our first bicycle parking facilities. Of course, by today's standards, this is nothing. History has taught us that to be successful and thrive as a company, we must continue to develop ourselves and our products. In 2017, we tentatively took steps towards creating Smart Cities products for the purpose of improving a cyclist's journey. The bicycle radar for example, which collects data about the speed, the number of cyclists and the direction of the cyclists, provides important information to municipalities about how and where infrastructure can be improved.

Another example is the cooperation with Hopperpoint, a user-friendly and easy access system for bicycle sharing. We will continue this trend in 2018 with an important new partnership. I am thrilled to announce that Lumiguide will soon be our official partner for Smart City projects with a focus on bicycle mobility. Lumiguide leads the way in bicycle detection and other technological developments for Smart Cities. I believe that this partnership will help propel the industry forward. Important projects have already been carried out in the CROWD business group in England that includes VelopA. We look forward to many other projects in the Benelux and beyond.


In 2017, we decided to focus on our current portfolio, by working on bridging a number of small gaps and by embarking on our journey with Smart City and circularity. This is visible in our product launches for the Reposa picnic set, the Strawberry Smart bench, the Construct bicycle rack, the Hat-trick waste bench and the Black CAT bicycle control radar. In 2018, we will continue on this journey and more budget will be made available for us to focus more strongly on creating product families for our products.

Paving the way to a successful future!

James Steward, Director of VelopA and CEO of CROWD.

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