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VelopA International - Whitepaper on bicycle parking

Whitepaper on bicycle parking

A wide range of different bicycle parking solutions is currently available. The trick is to choose the solution that meet the needs of your location. This whitepaper shows you solutions for every type of location and some real-life examples.

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VelopA International-Whitepaper on bicycle parking for schools and colleges

Whitepaper on bicycle parking for schools and colleges

Bicycles parked outside the racks or left leaning against walls can make your site look untidy and less accessible. You can prevent these problems if you have enough space for bicycle parking and secure bike racks that are easy to use. Adding a protective shelter will complete your bicycle parking solution. In this whitepaper, you can read about the solutions in place at the various educational institutions around the Netherlands and Belgium.

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VelopA International-Whitepaper on health-care facilities and bicycle parking

Whitepaper on health-care facilities and bicycle parking

Bicycles parked on pavements and propped up against walls make your site less accessible and naturally also make it look untidy. You can prevent this by providing sufficient bicycle parking spaces in the right places. You can maximize the effect of doing this by taking account of the traffic flows of the various target groups. Read more about how the UMCG has addressed this in this whitepaper.

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VelopA International-Whitepaper Sports

Whitepaper Sports

How can public sports facilities stimulate children, adolescents and adults to engage in a more active life style? What must be taken into account when planning a public sports facility? This whitepaper contains important facts, tips and examples to promote physical activity in public space. We also discuss the issue of "Social Cohesion".

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VelopA International - whitepaper landscaping for elderly care

Whitepaper on landscaping for elderly care

This paper will show you what is involved in designing a garden for the elderly and what the possibilities are. This white paper is full of facts, tips and examples for creating a garden of a health institution in such a way that it improves the quality of life. For the residents, visitors and staff.

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Other brochures

VelopA International - All about two-tier bicycle parking

Brochure All about two-tier bicycle parking

A two-tier bicycle parking system is a practical solution for locations where parking for many bikes is needed but there is only limited space available. Our brochure ‘All about two-tier bicycle parking’ gives you a summary of all the points you should consider when selecting the best system for your particular location. The brochure also takes a closer look at the Easylift+, which is the most user-friendly two-tier bicycle parking system on the market and which has won several design awards.

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VelopA International - which bollard is the most suitable for your situation

Bollard matrix

Choosing a bollard or barrier post is often far from easy. The right choice will depend on several factors. What function will the post serve? To make your decision easier, VelopA has developed a matrix to show which posts are suitable for each type of location.

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