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  • published on February 6 2012
    Not only is cycling a good option for a sustainable future, it has other benefits too. The website (an initiative of the Institute for Sustainable Mobility) gives ten simple reasons for getting your bike out of the shed.
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    With 18 million bicycles owned in the Netherlands and 15 billion kilometres cycled every year, cycling enjoys huge popularity among the Dutch population. It is also a highly efficient means of transport. A cyclist can travel 5 kilometres using 100 kilocalories, while a car can only travel between 85 and 188 metres using the same amount of energy.

    Ten reasons to cycle:

    1. Cycling improves your physical fitness
    2. Cycling keeps you trim
    3. Cycling gives you a great feeling
    4. Cycling reduces your chances of getting sick
    5. Cycling is convenient
    6. Cycling means cleaner air. If all commuters who travel 7.5 km or less to work used their bikes, our air would be cleaner by 3,700 tons of nitrous oxides, 330 tons of particulates and 1200 tons of sulphurous oxides per year.
    7. Cycling is quiet
    8. Many places are more easily accessible by bike
    9. Cycling is cheap
    10. Cycling more means lower greenhouse gas emissions. Every four kilometres that you cycle saves 1 kg in CO2 emissions

    Source: Change Magazine, volume 6, No 2. (online article)

  • published on February 2 2012
    By creating sports elements in public spaces, VelopA makes sports accessible for everyone, young and old, rich and poor. These facilities lower thresholds to participation in sports and encourage people to meet one another, thus creating cohesion within districts.
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    In our sports brochure you will find information about Sports fields, Meeting Points, Skating and Outdoor fitness. Furthermore, lots of examples and an interview with Richard Krajiceck and Jacco Eltingh.

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  • published on February 1 2012
    The Easylift+ is an easy-to-use, dual-level bicycle parking system. The bicycles are parked one above the other, which doubles the storage capacity. The system uses integrated gas springs which help you lift your bicycle to the upper storage level. A unique system of dampers ensures a safe and controlled hands-free descent when retrieving your bicycle. This makes storing your bicycle on the upper level a lot easier.

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    • double the capacity
    • unique lifting mechanism with a system of dampers
    • the bicycle hardly has to be lifted at all
    • ergonomically designed, non-slip handgrips
    • eye-catching design
    • reliable and low-maintenance


  • published on January 25 2012
    The companies VelopA, VConsyst, Velomove, Bikedispenser and Accell Groep intent to join forces to bring automated bike rental and storage systems for the European market to a higher level. Under the new name Velogic, knowledge and experience in bicycle design, software & electronics, bicycle parking, automatic bike sharing and maintenance & control will be concentrated. Next to existing solutions, Velogic will investments in new innovations in automated systems for rental, storage and management of cycling.
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    Velogic sees an increasing interest for the integration of cycling in the mobility chain, applying software and electronics and the collection of cycling data. Using the knowledge of the companies involved, Velogic is capable of offering integral solutions. Next to existing products such as the  electronic bicycle lock, e-bike charging, bicycle detection, communicating bicycles, automated bicycle lockers, Bikedispensers, business cycling schemes and Public Bike Sharing, a modern back office (software)system for bike sharing and bicycle parking has been developed recently.  

     “This combination of companies is capable of bringing cycling to a higher level and thus giving it the important role it can play in sustainable mobility.  Velogic offers solutions for the demands of cities, governments, Public Transport, institutions and companies that really work!”

    Contact:  Bart Zwager
    +31 (0)88-0121288.

    VelopA supplies products that help create an attractive public space.
    Product groups are elements for Fit 'n Play, Street Furniture and Bicycle Parking. In all three categories, VelopA plays a leading role in the Dutch market, with its brands VelopA-Citystyle and VelopA-Omniplay.VelopA headquarters are in Leiderdorp (NL), Leuven, Gembloux (Belgium) and Duisburg (Germany). In VelopA's strategy for the years to come, the development of the role the bicycle plays is of key interest. This is the reason for VelopA's partnership in Velogic.

    Accell Group N.V. (“Accell Group”) is active internationally in the mid-range and higher segments of the market for bicycles, bicycle parts & accessories and fitness equipment. The group is market leader in Europe in the bicycle market. The market approach is based on the key concepts quality, innovation and recognisable added value. For consumers this means a broad and strong portfolio of brands, including international top brands and well-known national brands, often with a long history. Accell Group operates close to the market and largely because of its high added value and numerous innovations, sells primarily via the specialist retail trade.
    Accell Group’s best known brands are Batavus, Bremshey, Ghost, Hai Bike, Hercules, Koga- Miyata, Lapierre, Loekie, Redline, Sparta, Staiger, Tunturi, Winora and XLC. Accell Group has production facilities in the Netherlands, Germany, France, Hungary and Belgium.

    VConsyst is market leader in the Dutch market for visitor registration systems and waste (collection and management) systems for municipalities, (semi-)government and leisure. VConsyst has decades of experience in delivering tailored and standard solutions, software and electronics. The delivery of these products and services is supported by a fully equipped service and maintenance organisation. VConsyst is part of the Venture Group, with offices in Spain, Portugal, France and Germany. We also operate via agents in Norway, Denmark and Italy.

    Bikedispenser is an ultra compact, fully automatic, 24/7 rental and corporate bicycle parking facility. It is the perfect solution for compact storage in public bike systems, governments, Public Transport, P+R, Park&Bike, hospitals etc.

    Velomove offers solutions to stimulate and organise bicycle usage, control bicycle storage and regulate cycling by applying ICT to cycling and giving good advice

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