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PRESS RELEASE: Fourchet+ and Connect+: two new bicycle parking systems

published on 8/18/2011 11:21:00 AM
This summer, VelopA is launching the Connect+ and the Fourchet+, two user-friendly bicycle parking systems. The Connect+ is a bicycle railing with a unique design that makes an attractive addition to any street scene. The Fourchet+ is a bicycle rack that can accommodate several bicycles at the same time while providing excellent protection against theft and damage.

Connect+ is the restyled successor to the Connect bicycle railing. Its appealing and distinctive design enables bicycles to be parked neatly, quickly and safely and prevents litter from building up around the fence. The Connect+ is made from high quality stainless steel. VelopA can also add a logo or municipal coat of arms to the railings at the request of the customer. Connect+ is also supplied with a footplate in the form of a paving slab as standard. This makes the railing easy to install and blend in with the surrounding paved surface. The footplate is anchored below ground level using a concrete base supplied with the railing. 

Fourchet+ Bicycle rack
The Fourchet+ provides support for the front fork of your bicycle rack, which rests against the rack and the protective plastic sleeves. This means that the bicycle is so stable that there is no risk of the front wheel becoming bent or buckled. This new fork-support system has locking loops for securing bicycles and meets the criteria for FietsParKeur supervised areas. The bicycle rack is also available with an extra locking loop so that it also meets the criteria for FietsParKeur non-supervised areas. The high/low system means that the Fourchet+ is compact  and makes optimum use of all the available space. The Fourchet+ is made from galvanized steel and is available in almost all RAL and Sablé colours. The introduction of the Fourchet+ means that the VelopA range now includes an excellent fork-support system in the lower price range.

Plenty of parking space for bicycles
Various versions of the Fourchet+ bicycle rack are available, ranging from a single-sided bicycle rack for between four and six bicycles to a double-sided rack with extra locking loops for between eight and twelve bicycles. All versions of the Fourchet+ meet the dimension criteria for the FietsParKeur, with a centre-to-centre distance of 375 mm as standard. The Fourchet+ is suitable for practically all bikes with a wheel diameter of between 24'' and 28''. The racks can be joined together and installed directly onto the ground using a concrete base or chemical anchors.

The VelopA brand is the market leader in the Benelux region and specializes in street furniture for creating well-designed public spaces. The company is a leading supplier of all types of street furniture, bicycle parking systems and shelters. VelopA guarantees the best possible service and tailored advice.

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