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Ten good reasons to cycle

published on 2/6/2012 5:46:00 PM
Not only is cycling a good option for a sustainable future, it has other benefits too. The website (an initiative of the Institute for Sustainable Mobility) gives ten simple reasons for getting your bike out of the shed.

With 18 million bicycles owned in the Netherlands and 15 billion kilometres cycled every year, cycling enjoys huge popularity among the Dutch population. It is also a highly efficient means of transport. A cyclist can travel 5 kilometres using 100 kilocalories, while a car can only travel between 85 and 188 metres using the same amount of energy.

Ten reasons to cycle:

1. Cycling improves your physical fitness
2. Cycling keeps you trim
3. Cycling gives you a great feeling
4. Cycling reduces your chances of getting sick
5. Cycling is convenient
6. Cycling means cleaner air. If all commuters who travel 7.5 km or less to work used their bikes, our air would be cleaner by 3,700 tons of nitrous oxides, 330 tons of particulates and 1200 tons of sulphurous oxides per year.
7. Cycling is quiet
8. Many places are more easily accessible by bike
9. Cycling is cheap
10. Cycling more means lower greenhouse gas emissions. Every four kilometres that you cycle saves 1 kg in CO2 emissions

Source: Change Magazine, volume 6, No 2. (online article)