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May 2012

  • published on May 10 2012
    Bicyle racks with more space between the bikes should reduce the number of bikes parked obstructively.

    VelopA is expanding its product range with bicycle racks that have a centre-to-centre distance of 40cm between adjacent bicycle spaces. This enables cyclists to park their bikes more easily and help discourage people from parking their bikes in a way that inconveniences others.
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    Bicycles racks with narrow spacing leads cyclists to park obstructively elsewhere

    Bicycles are getting wider and wider. The width of handlebars is increasing and bicycle panniers and other accessories also add extra width. Existing bicycle racks often have a centre-to-centre distance of 37.5cm between the spaces, which is not enough for many of these bicycles. This means that some cyclists choose to park their bicycles elsewhere – it saves them from struggling to squeeze their bike into a narrow space and possibly damaging it. But this can also cause inconvenience to other road or pavement users. In order to combat this problem, and to make it easier to park bicycles in the racks provided, VelopA is introducing new versions of its existing bicycle racks with a centre-to-centre distance of 40cm.

    New bicycle racks with a centre-to-centre distance of 40cm.

    The Easylift+, Griffin, Variant+, Fourchet+, Apropos and TuliP are all available with these new dimensions. The complete range of bicycle parking systems from VelopA is also still available with the old dimensions, but the new version with more space for bicycles provides definite added value. The Dutch Cyclists Association (Fietsersbond) also backs this step. “We are delighted about the new 40cm separation distance. This had already been recommended in the document setting out norms for multi-level bicycle parking for FietsParKeur. It is not yet a norm for single-level bicycle parking in the FietParKeur document, but we do support it,” said Wim Bot, lobbyist for the Dutch Cyclists Association.


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