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  • published on October 30 2012
    October 2012, Leiderdorp, the Netherlands - VelopA has upgraded its two-tier bicycle parking system, the Easylift+. The range of models available for this famous two-tier bicycle rack has been significantly widened to meet the needs of our customers. This means even more bicycles per square metre, easier parking, fewer inconveniently parked bicycles, new colour options and additional anti-theft protection.
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    More bicycles per metre squared
    A number of modules have been added to the range to expand delivery options for the Easylift+ and increase the number of bicycles that can be parked in the available space. An extra bicycle space can be added instead on the upper tier of the double-sided versions of the EasyLift+. For example, even more bicycle places have been created so that the space is used optimally.

    Easier parking, fewer inconveniently parked bicycles
    Because bicycles are being made wider and wider, VelopA can supply the Easylift+ with a centre-to-centre distance of 40 cm, as well as the standard 37.5 cm. This extra space means that modern bicycles can also be parked in the rack more easily and fewer bicycles will be parked in inconvenient places.

    Extra anti-theft protection
    In addition to the standard version, the Easylift+ is now also available with an extra locking loop, providing optimal protection against theft.

    New colour options
    The components of the Easylift+ can now be supplied in different colours. This creates many possibilities, such as rows of bicycle racks in different colours so that cyclists can find their bike more easily.

    Proven in practice
    The Easylift+ has proved itself to be effective in real life. Over the past two years, VelopA has installed tens of thousands Easylift+ two-tier parking systems at various locations including train stations, healthcare and educational institutions.

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    Photo captions:
    Photo Easylift+: Thanks to the extra space on the Easylift+, the available space can be used as effectively as possible.

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