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  • published on September 10 2014
    VelopA B.V. is ready for a new step in its evolution as the market leader in the design of public spaces. As of 1 September, the majority of the company’s shares were acquired by Convent Capital, a private equity firm that focuses on investing in medium-sized companies and strives to promote sustainable growth. The acquisition means that VelopA will have more opportunities for innovation and product development, and will also be able to focus even more on growth in overseas markets.
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    VelopA’s shares are now part of the CROWD group, which also includes other companies in Convent Capital’s portfolio. The new owners expect to achieve a profit through better collaboration between the companies. There are also opportunities for new business concepts. ‘By investing in the market leader, we will be able to roll out the circular business model further within the Dutch market. Because we expect that in the near future, more outside spaces will be designed and equipped on the basis of a lease like construction. This will help municipalities to balance their budgets, which are increasingly under pressure from the extra duties that they are required to carry out,’ says Dirk Hoorn, a co-founder of Convent Capital.

    About VelopA
    VelopA contributes to pleasant and safe public spaces with its smartly designed products for bicycle parking, street furniture, children’s play and sports. VelopA is a market leader in these categories in the Netherlands, where it operates under the brands VelopA-Citystyle and VelopA-Omniplay. VelopA has locations in Leiderdorp in the Netherlands, Leuven and Gembloux in Belgium, and Duisburg in Germany. In the next few years, VelopA will focus on growth in export markets, with a particularly strong commitment to increasing the role of cycling and sports in public spaces.

    About Convent Capital
    Convent Capital was founded on 1 July 2011 as an independent Dutch private equity firm focusing on investment in medium-sized companies in the Benelux countries. Convent Capital invests in companies that have a good track record and in which it sees strategic and operational opportunities for the creation of sustainable value through circular business models. Convent Capital has completed six successful acquisitions and realized one exit since its foundation in 2011.



    For more information, please contact: Joost Scholten, Marketing VelopA tel: +31-(0)71-5821519, e-mail: