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With its distinctive design, the Griffin is sure to add a touch of style to any street. The user-friendly Griffin allows you to park your bicycle with the front fork against the protective plastic elements.
This means that your front wheel is not clamped, so there is no risk of it bending. The extra locking loop means that the Griffin offers optimum protection against theft.
The Griffin is now also available with a centre-to-centre distance of 40cm. This will enable cyclists to park their bikes more easily and discourage people from parking their bikes in a way that inconveniences others.

- exceptionally user-friendly
- optimum protection against theft and damage
- affordable design
- complies with sustainable purchasing guidelines
- easy to install or move for events
- materials are easy to separate and recycle

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- high bracket for one bicycle
- low bracket for one bicycle
- one-sided rack for 2, 3 or 4 bicycles*
- one-sided rack with extra locking loop for 2 or 4 bicycles
- double-sided rack for 4, 6 or 8 bicycles*
- double-sided rack with extra locking loop for 4 or 8 bicycles

*The one-sided rack with 4 bicycle spaces and the double-sided rack with 8 bicycle spaces are now also available with a centre-to-centre distance of 40cm.

- all Griffin racks meet the FietsParKeur criteria for supervised parking facilities
- the Griffin racks with an extra locking loop meet the FietsParKeur criteria for unsupervised parking facilities.
FietsParKeur is the quality standard for bicycle parking facilities. The standard was developed in conjunction with the Dutch Cyclists’ Union (Fietsersbond).

- assembly kit for extensions and installation
- assembly kit for installation
- extra locking loop

The Griffin’s universal bracket system means it is suitable for bicycles with: 
- tyre thickness of 27 mm to 47 mm 
- wheel diameters of 24" to 28"
Suits various models including city bicycles, hybrid bicycles, racing bicycles and children’s bicycles.

Racks and brackets:

- steel, galvanized and/or coated
Protective elements:
- plastic

Racks and brackets:

- available in almost all RAL and Sablé colours.
Protective elements:
- black

It is possible to connect the racks, enabling you to create a parking system with a practically unlimited number of spaces (uneven racks cannot be connected due to high/low incompatibility).
- ground level installation using concrete feet
- ground level installation with chemical anchors

The bicycle rack can also be positioned on the ground without fixation or be embedded
(except for the brackets). The brackets for a single bicycle rack should always be embedded.
The Griffin racks are also easy to move thanks to the specially developed installation method, making them ideal for locations where events are held.

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