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The Variant+ is an affordable bicycle rack that is easy to install and extremely user-friendly. This standard bicycle rack is suitable for almost all bicycle models, wheel diameters and tyre widths. The 45ยบ model has been specially developed for narrow spaces. The Variant+ is also available with a special anti-theft feature. Everyone can park their bicycle easily and safely in this bicycle rack.
The Variant+ is now also available with a centre-to-centre distance of 40cm. This will enable cyclists to park their bikes more easily and discourage people from parking their bikes in a way that inconveniences others.

- suitable for almost all tyre widths and types of bicycle (children's bicycles as well!)
- space-saving design
- easy to place your bike due to high/low difference of 300 or 375 mm
- various models that can be connected
- optimum safety
- attractive pricing

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Centre-to-centre distance of 400 mm

- bicycle rack single-sided 90º: 4/8 bicycle spaces
- bicycle rack double-sided 90º: 8/16 bicycle spaces

Centre-to-centre spacing 375 mm
- bicycle rack single-sided 90º: 4/5/6/7/8 bicycle places
- bicycle rack double-sided 90º: 6/8/10/12/13/16 bicycle places
- bicycle rack single-sided 45º left: 4 bicycle places (suitable for narrow spaces!)
- bicycle rack single-sided 45º right: 4 bicycle places (suitable for narrow spaces!)

Centre-to-centre spacing 300 mm
- bicycle rack single-sided 90º: 4/5/6/7/10 bicycle places
- bicycle rack double-sided 90º: 8/12/13 bicycle places

The racks with a spacing of 375 mm 90º (all single-sided and double-sided with 8/12/16 bicycle places) are available with anti-theft feature and fastenings (can be fitted later). The attachment ring (solid Ø 22 mm) is large enough for use with cable locks, chains and D-locks.

- all racks with a centre-to-centre spacing of 375 mm 90º satisfy the FietsParKeur standard for locations under surveillance
- all racks with a centre-to-centre spacing of 375 mm 90º and an anti-theft feature satisfy the FietsParKeur standard for locations under surveillance.
FietsParKeur is the Dutch quality guarantee for bicycle parking systems. The standard was developed in association with the Dutch Cyclists Union.

On the Variant+ each bicycle space has a locking loop (diameter 22mm) large enough for cable locks, chain locks or padlocks. In addition, the racks with a centre-to-centre spacing of 40cm 90º and 37.5cm 90º (all single-sided and double-sided racks with an even numbers of bicycle spaces) are also available with an extra locking loop for optimal protection against theft. This additional locking loop can also be retrofitted to racks already installed.

With its standard clamping system, the Variant+ is suitable for bicycles with: 
- tyre widths of 27 mm - 47 mm
- wheel diameters of 24" - 28"
In other words, city bikes, hybrid bikes, racing bikes, mountain bikes and children's bikes

Steel, galvanised and coated if required

Available in almost all RAL colours.

- assembly set for connecting racks together
- assembly set for placing an anti-theft feature
- anchoring set to anchor the rack in paving
- anchoring set to use with a concrete footing

- the racks can be linked together, to achieve any desired number of bicycle places
(Please note: uneven-numbered racks cannot be connected because of the high/low difference, and in the 45º models, only those in which all the bicycles face in one direction can be connected)
- the racks can be sited individually
If anchoring is required, there are two possibilities:
- in the paving using chemical anchors
- by mounting on a concrete footing, buried in the ground

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