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Omnifield concept

Planning a great public sports area is far from simple. Is it best to have one large area? Or to split it up into a series of smaller ones? And which sports facilities do you want to provide? We have a simple answer to that last question - as many as possible. That's why we have developed the Omnifield concept. It’s a new approach to designing the ideal sports area.

The Omnifield concept is based on a few simple principles: 

  • It should be possible to do any sport in public areas 
  • A sports area should have facilities for as many sports as possible 
  • Deviding a bigger field in smaller areas means several children’s sports can be accommodated at the same time

Do any sport in public

At the heart of the Omnifield concept is the principle that there should be a variant of any sports that is suitable for public areas. Of course, not all sports can be done outdoors, but this principle has encouraged us to reflect on what is possible. By thinking creatively and putting our existing sports products to good use, we can now provide outdoor facilities for over 30 different sports. The second principle is that we seek to provide as many facilities as possible in one location. This enables us to create diverse and multifunctional sports areas.

Wide range of sports facilities

To accommodate as many sports as possible, large locations are divided into smaller areas. Then we look at which sports facilities can be provided. This depends on the wishes of the customer, of course. Sometimes people make a conscious choice to provide cricket facilities instead of football facilities, for example. The surface also plays an important role. Certain sports require more space, or are difficult to combine in an area with other sports. 

Splitting up the sports field has another advantage. When there are many smaller areas, several groups can use the facilities at the same time without getting in each other’s way. So the older kids can have a good game of football, while the little ones play hockey, for example. And because the available space is used more efficiently (there is less empty space), the area can also accommodate more children.

A versatile solution

A multi-purpose sports area designed according to the Omnifield concept is ideal for sites where there are children of many different age groups. It is perfect for schools, and the playground in Schiedam in the Netherlands is a good example. It is also ideal for recreation facilities on campsites.

See the Omnifield in practise