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Omnifield in practise

Omnifield in Schiedam

The Omnifield concept was implemented for the first time in the Dutch town of Schiedam in June 2012. A sports area measuring 30x40 metres was created, with facilities for 12 different sports. Below you can see a plan of the Woudhoek Sportpark in Schiedam. View photos of Woudhoek Sportpark

Overview with legend 3D overview

Multifunctional facilities

Dividing up the area is not the only way to provide facilities for several sports in one sports ground. AstroTurf is the perfect surface for up to 10 different sports, as the example above shows. Different colours of AstroTurf can be used to create a versatile sports ground, with the ground markings, the facilities at the sides and the ground sleeves for poles and nets making it truly multifunctional.

Sports field in 3D 10 Sports on 1 field