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The Meccado, the new generation of shelters, is a breakthrough in the market. Everything required in good storage facilities is united in this innovative project. With its user friendliness and modular system, the Meccado differentiates itself from traditional shelters. Thanks to the patented assembly system, the Meccado is easy to set up and to adjust and to expand if needed. Through its great flexibility, the Meccado offers innumerable application options!

- a shelter to put together according to your own needs
- unique hook and structure system
- endless connector and easily expandable
- you can set it up yourself
- "proprietaryî design using tensioned banners
- integrated rainwater drainage

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- (moped) bike shelter
- scooter and motorcycle parking
- walkway shelters
- carport
- shelters
- storage/warehousing
- fencing/enclosures
In addition, it is possible to combine various applications into one shelter.

Through the diversity of the standard elements and dimensions, the Meccado can be set up according to your needs, the interior as well as the exterior. Through the unique hook and structure system, all components can be combined. The robust construction makes an easy span of at least 5 metres possible and can be combined unlimited in all directions. All components, including the doors, can be placed anywhere.
All components can be delivered later to enable an expansion of an existing Meccado.

This is installed in the middle of a drainpipe chosen by the client.  The cabling for the lighting runs protected through the pipe. Ask for the options for the installation of lighting.

- stability feet for extended substructures

Frame and structure:
- steel, galvanized and coated if necessary
Roof panels:
- high grade polyester
Walls and doors:
- FSC® certified hardwood, untreated or painted, horizontal trellis, vertical trellis
- steel advertising grids, galvanized and coated if necessary, mesh size 100 x 33 mm
- steel slat grids, galvanized and coated if necessary,slats at 45º mesh size 100 x 33 mm
- perforated steel plate, galvanized and possible coated
- HPL panel, strong, scratch resistant and UV resistant plate material
- polyester panels, can be printed with your logo, steel frame for panels, galvanized and coated if necessary. Contact our product specialist for more information.

Rainwater is drained off just above the ground:
- via the drain and the hollow upright chosen by you
- through a galvanized drainpipe
Rainwater is drained via the sewer:
- through a fitted foundation conduit that can be connected to the sewer system

Frame and structure:
- nearly all RAL colors are available
Roof plates:
- cool green, opal and transparent
Walls and doors:
- FSC® certified hardwood, perforated steel plate, press grids, slat grids and frame for polyester panels: nearly all RAL colors are available
- HPL panel: nearly all RAL colors are available

It is possible to take out a service contract.

In order to be able to recommend you the best shelter for your paricular needs we will ask you a few questions. On the basis of your answers, our sales team will be able to offer you personalized advice. You will then receive a no-obligations price quotation together with technical plans from different perspectives.

We make it possible for you to quickly submit a request for a building permit. We will send a technical diagram together with the proposal.

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