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Meeting Point

The Meeting Point enables young people to socialize at a spot especially for that purpose.
The design is safe, open, and resistant to fire and vandalism. The Meeting Point can be equipped with one or more walls and straight or sloping seating elements, and is available in a variety of colours. This means that it can easily be adapted to suit the environment and young people’s requirements.

- safe, open design for socializing
– resistant to fire and vandalism
– can be adapted to suit the environment and young people’s requirements

- vandal and fire resistant
- open construction encourages safety and socializing
- not comfortable to sleep in
- the wall panels provide shelter from the wind
- the sloping roof prevents young people from sitting on it

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With one or more wall panels
With one or more straight or diagonal seating elements
Colour variations possible

- basic construction; columns and roof
- wall element
- right-hand seating element
- tapered seating element (can be linked together)
For assembly, at least two elements must be selected to ensure the stability of the overall construction.

Diameter 3.73 m; Height 3.35 m.

Galvanized, coated steel. Components: Basic construction consists of columns, roof, wall and seating elements.

Available coated in practically any colour.