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Panna Field

Our square Panna Field was developed in cooperation with Nike. Tactical and technical skills are the essence of the game, the idea being to keep the ball moving inside the low fences! The vandal-resistant Panna Field is made from galvanized steel and grating materials, so that it is not only tough and trendy to look at, but also requires little maintenance.

As a result, you can get plenty of action for a small investment. Further costs can be saved by affixing the Panna Field at ground level to asphalt, concrete or 50 x 50 tiles. The Panna Field can, of course, also be anchored to artificial turf or other surfacing by means of concrete footings.

- lots of fun at a low investment
– developed together with Nike
– tough, trendy design

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- leisure businesses
- education sector
- sports associations
- playground associations
- public squares

- Panna Field 4x6 metre
- Panna Field 10x7 metre
- Panna Field 13x9 metre
- Custom-built dimensions (using standard components)

Steel, galvanized and/or coated

-  RAL 9005 Black as standard
Gratings and goals:
-  available in virtually all RAL colours

- Panna Field 6x4 metre: 7 x 4.3 metre
- Panna Field 10x7 metre: 11 x 7.3 metre
- Panna Field 13x9 metre: 14 x 9.3 metre