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Panna Ring

Panna becomes true top sport in our Panna Ring. Because of its shape and the high boarding, the ball is continually kept in motion, which demands the right technique and stamina, of course. The robust, steel grating from which the Panna Ring is made has a tough, trendy look, requires little maintenance and is not prone to graffiti or other forms of vandalism. From subdued to striking: with the right colour choice, the Panna Ring can be made to blend in to its surroundings or to stand out as a striking feature. Because of its modular character, the dimensions can be adapted to suit the available space and budget.

Continuity of play as a result of the circular shape and high boarding – Modular, so it can be adapted to suit the available space and budget – Various colours are available.

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- leisure businesses
- education sector
- sports associations
- playground associations
- public squares

- Panna Ring Ø 6 metres, one-sided access
- Panna Ring Ø 6 metres, double-sided access
- Panna Ring 6 x 9 metres, one-sided access
- Custom-built dimensions (using standard components)

Steel, galvanized and coated

-  RAL 9005 Black as standard
Gratings and goals:
-  available in almost all RAL colours

Panna Ring Ø 6 metres: 7.1 x 6.4 metres
Panna Ring 6 x 9 metres: 10.2 x 6.4 metres

Panna is usually played in small teams for a maximum of five minutes.
If a player has the ball, he or she has to score a panna or goal within fifteen seconds or the ball goes to the opponent. If a panna is scored, the match is over. If no panna has been scored after five minutes, the match is decided by the number of goals scored.