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Challenge one another and push out your frontiers. Deploy speed, technique and dexterity and get that ultimate feeling of freedom in return. That’s the way it is! Practise your jumps, show your tricks and develop into an experienced freestyle skater.

720-Skate and VelopA-Omniplay’s entire S-Rave product line was developed in close consultation with end users to suit their particular needs. The resulting trend-setting series is just what skateboarders, skaters and BMX riders want. Whether you need a few elements or a complete top-quality skatepark, the S-Rave guarantees success.

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The ramps, from miniramp to big vert ramp, are compact and suitable for everyone, from beginners to advanced users. Special ramps can be fully customized to suit clients’ requirements.

Starting elements give the skater the speed he or she needs to make high jumps. They are therefore the ‘pacesetters’ of a skatepark. You can choose from various types and combine them in all sorts of ways.

unboxes are suitable for every possible skate style and can be used by starters and advanced skaters. The modular construction enables various combinations. A funbox can also be tailored to suit your requirements.

Jumps are ideal for starting skaters to practise various jumps. Experienced skaters use them to refine theirs – and make them even more impressive.

Slides and grinds are typical street skate elements that every modern skatepark should have! They are suitable for a comprehensive range of tricks.

720-Skate developed the popular polyester skatepark and has been successful in the skate market sector for more than twenty years. VelopA-Omniplay has more than 25 years of experience in the development, production and application of products for games and sports facilities.

720-Skate and VelopA-Citystyle have combined forces to yield an enormous amount of expertise; together we aspire to the best. We can help you develop and realize a tailor-made skatepark, with skaters and municipalities as sources of inspiration.
Optimum skate materials
High-quality materials are essential if the ultimate stunts are to be achieved safely. Continuous development leads to top-quality products that meet the latest requirements.

1. polyester;
2. smooth surface without welds or screws;
3. steel ramps;
4. fully hot-dip galvanized steel frame;
5. aluminium finish on the edges;
6. steel side walls;
7. sound proofing.

- Comprehensive range of high-quality materials
- Match skaters’ requirements perfectly
- Trendsetting brand
- TÜV approved and certified in accordance with the DIN 33943 safety standard