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The fashionably designed Etna flower and tree pots have a contemporary yet bold shape. The various models, with their curved finish, deep dark-grey colour and regal measurements, add character to any location. Etna pots come fitted with a built-in water reservoir with overflow function, which keeps plants remaining healthy even in dry periods.

- water reservoir for healthy plants
- easily moved using hoist
- completely coloured
- durable and frost-resistant
- excellent combinations are possible

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- indoor and outdoor
- road barriers
- anti-ramming provision
- (walking) traffic guide
- visual decoration at entrances

Empty weight & Content
- Cascara: 575 kg, 345 litres
- Sakee: 350 kg, 240 litres
- Mactra: 750 kg, 465 litres
- Tumbado: 645 kg, 255 litres
- Tablee: 300 kg, 130 litres
- Balsa: 850 kg, 410 litres

Reinforced concrete, coloured, complete with a transparent coating for a silky gloss effect.

Etna pots come fitted with a built-in water reservoir with overflow function to keep plants looking great, and reducing the risk of the plants drying out. The overflow function ensures that a large amount of water does not remain on the surface in the pots. For indoor uses, VelopA also provides as shut-off cap as standard.

- dark grey
- light grey (concrete grey)
Slight colour irregularities (caused by efflorescence, etc.) and unevenness are characteristic of the material and the production method and give the Etna its natural look and feel. 


Etna pots have no special base for securing to every type of surface. Instead VelopA provides a special stabilisation pin on which the pot is placed. Moving or toppling over the pot is therefore impossible. While the Etna is easily moved using a hoist, the stabilisation pin can be secured directly onto hardened ground or a VelopA concrete foot.
In order to prevent damage to the underside of the product, it must be placed carefully and horizontally on a firm, flat surface.

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