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The Pelican is a contemporary, friendly-looking litter bin. Its design is in perfect harmony with its functionality. The high, spacious opening is convenient for disposing rubbish in it. Moreover, capacity is easily doubled by installing two Pelicans together. An integrated ashtray is optional and particularly handy at the entrance to buildings. The Pelican keeps every type of environment clean!

- compact model
- various possibilities for installation
- quick and easy to empty
- the door locks automatically
- various accessories can be added afterwards
(it is possible to double the capacity, reduce the size of the opening and attach an anti-firework cover cap)

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- with inner ring for rubbish bag, 60 litre
- with stainless steel inner container, 50 litre
- with stainless steel inner container and integrated ashtray, 50 litre

The capacity can be doubled simply by mounting two Pelicans ‘back-to-back’ on the stand.

The following models are available:
- with stand and concrete foot for installation below ground level
- with stand and foot plate for ground level installation
- with removable stand and concrete foot for installation with a foundation below ground level (not available in the 'back-to-back' model)
- with portal frame to be secured under the ground level
- without stand for attachment to a wall or lamppost, for example

All models carry the 'Tidyman' logo (they are also available without the logo on request).

- anti-firework cover cap 
- stainless steel divider for narrowing the opening (only available from 2010)

The Pelican has a triangular lock. The spring construction ensures that the door locks automatically.

Casing and stand:
- steel, galvanized and coated 
Portal frame:
- steel, galvanized and coated if necessary
Inner ring:
- steel, zinc-plated
Inner container:
- stainless steel
Anti-firework cover cap:
- steel, galvanized and coated 

Casing and portal frame:
- available in almost all RAL colours
- Noir Sablé 100 (dark grey)
- RAL 9005 Deep black
Anti-firework cover cap:
- RAL 9005 Deep black

- the concrete foot is installed below ground level; if the stand is removable, the top of the concrete foot must be flush with the ground level
- the foot plate is secured at ground level, for example with the aid of chemical anchors, to a fixed base
- the portal frame is installed below ground level
- the Pelican is secured to a wall with four screws through the back wall of the casing
- the Pelican is secured to a lamppost with steel bands

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