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The affordable and durable Siësta bench ensures many years of pleasure. This popular bench has already proven itself time and again. The Siësta combines a modest appearance with optimal comfort. By choosing materials and colours, the bench is assembled according to client preferences. The functional Siësta suits a small budget and contributes to any environment!

- very comfortable
- large range of materials
- low maintenance

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- Siësta, with 2 bench legs, board length 2000 mm
- Siësta XL, with 3 bench legs, board length 3400 mm
- Siësta XXL, with 4 bench legs, board length 4800 mm

Seat and back support:

- FSC® hardwood, untreated or stained
- compressed bamboo, transparent coated
VelopA uses only the very best bamboo, a material that has many advantages. It is an environmentally responsible product that contributes to a healthy ecosystem because Bamboo grows very quickly, uses 4 times more CO2 than wood and even gives out 35% more oxygen. It is extra strong and rigid and has the same warm, natural look as wood. Bamboo is durable and has a long lifespan, so it’s the sensible choice. Bamboo is just as durable as the sustainable FSC® certified  hardwood option.
- pinewood, impregnated (under KOMO approval)
- recycled PVC, reinforced fibreglass
- smooth concrete

Seat and back support:

- FSC® certified hardwood and hardwood: available in almost all RAL colours 
- recycled PVC: black
- light grey
- standard colours for coloured concrete are available to view on a sample card

The Siësta legs are secured below the ground surface in two deep holes.

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