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The Timberfens is a friendly looking fence that provides greater safety and protection. Due to its look, the Timberfens fits excellently into any surroundings. It can easily be used for channelling pedestrians, or as a fence against which bicycles can be lent. The Timberfens is a perfect complement for every park or woodland!

- a well-known and trusted form
- highly durable
- fits excellently in ‘green’ surroundings

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- Pedestrian channels
- Guide fence
- Bicycle fence

- Fixed model 
- Removable model
Both models are installed on a foundation below ground level.
For extra traffic safety during the day and at night, reflective strips can be attached to the beams of the Timberfens.

- FSC® certified hardwood, untreated 
The FSC® logo identifies wood, which comes from forests that have been certified according to the guidelines of FSC®. 1996 Forest Stewardship Council®, A.C. (SKAL-COC-008531). 

- RAL 8017 chocolate brown 
Reflective strips:
- Red, white, yellow and red/white

The removable Timberfens is provided with a locking system. With a triangular key, the wing nut at the bottom of the locking pole is fastened against the ground plate. The wing nut of the locking rod has built-in protection against breaking and is very simple to replace after collision damage.

- fixed model: this model is embedded into the ground to the prescribed depth
- removable model: this model is installed using a concrete base (the top side of the concrete base is flush with ground level)

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