Street furniture, Bicycle parking, Shelters and Sport

Bicycle parking


At VelopA, we know that no two spaces or locations are alike.

That’s why we offer a wide range of products, with bicycle racks, bicycle standards, bicycle clamps and bicycle stand railings (also known as ‘staples’) to fit any budget.

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VelopA - ons assortiment fietsenstallingen - overkappingen


As a result of urbanisation and the increasingly limited supply of public space, smart design has become essential when it comes to bicycle parking facilities. That’s why we offer a wide variety of well-thought-out and highly efficient bicycle parking solutions, such as two-tier bicycle parking facilities and bike shelters with multi-tier bike racks, fitted with wayfinding technology.

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VelopA - ons assortiment Straatmeubilair

Street furniture

Finding appealing, comfortable and safe solutions when it comes to designing street furniture for public spaces can prove to be a real challenge. This is where VelopA comes in. We offer a wide range of benches, picnic tables, litter binstree protection and tree grills.

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VelopA - inrichting verkeer en infrastructuur

Bollards and traffic poles

With smartly and beautifully designed barrier bollards, parking barriers, and security bollards, you can enhance traffic safety in your municipality and optimise your infrastructure, making your town or village stand out in the best possible way.

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VelopA - ons assortiment sport- en spelvoorzieningen


Are you looking for a way to make optimal use of public space while also promoting sports and social interaction? Or do you simply want to create more sports and play facilities for children ages 8 to 16? Every location is unique, and so is every project.

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