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Looking for bicycle parking solutions?

At VelopA, we know that no two spaces or locations are alike. That’s why we offer a wide range of products, with bicycle racks and bicycle stands to fit any preferences and all budgets. Are you looking to park as many bikes as possible in a limited surface area? Then choose our highly compact parking systems. In confined spaces, 45° bicycle racks provide an ideal solution.

Do you have any other specific requirements or wishes? Be sure to let us know – we’re always happy to offer tailor-made solutions.

We’ve also added the popular MOTU parking barrier to our product range, designed specifically for cargo bikes, scooters and motorcycles. If you’re looking for a mobile bicycle parking solution to accommodate a temporary increase in parking pressure – or to ensure that visitors to the event you’re organising have a place to park their bikes – then our Bike-Hub is the perfect solution for you. 

Our bicycle parking solutions: