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Twin TuliP bicycle rack

The modern, curved appearance of the Twin TuliP bicycle stand is a welcome addition to any location. The high/low model is suitable for bicycles with both thick and thin tyres and is practical to use as handlebars do not catch each other. The high placed connection eye also provides extra ease and security that makes the TuliP a highly valuable bicycle stand. The double-sided TwinTuliP is compact and ideal for locations where small numbers of bicycles are parked.

- anti-theft provision
- suitable for thin and thick tyres
- optimal stability


The TuliP of VelopA has been awarded the Good Industrial Design Award.

- Twin TuliP two-sided*, 4* bicycle spaces

* As well as the original centre-to-centre distance of 375mm, this model is now also available with a wider centre-to-centre distance of 400mm. This extra width allows cyclists to park their bicycle in the rack more easily and discourages people from parking in places that could inconvenience others.

All Twin TuliP models comply with FietsParKeur standards for both supervised and unsupervised locations.

FietsParKeur guarantees high quality bicycle parking facilities. The standard has been developed in collaboration with the Dutch Cyclists Association.

Its universal clip system makes the Twin TuliP suitable for bicycles with:

- tyre widths of 27 mm to 47 mm.
- wheel diameters from 26" and 28"

including city bikes, hybrids and racing bikes.

The TuliP's attachment provisions ensure adequate theft prevention. The attachment eye is large enough for chain, cable and braces locks and positioned in such a way to make it possible to secure the bicycle to the frame.

- steel, galvanized
- steel, galvanizedand coated
- 316 stainless steel, stained, passivated, brushed and electrolytically polished

- almost all RAL colours are available

- Twin TuliP total weight: 91 kg


The concrete foot of the Twin TuliP has to be placed under ground level.