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Easylift Premium two-tier bicycle rack

The Easylift Premium is the latest generation of VelopA’s two-tier bicycle parking systems. This bicycle parking system is excellent value for money and is the best, most beautiful and most efficient two-tier bicycle rack on the market. The Easylift Premium allows you to store bicycles one above the other, thus doubling storage capacity at a stroke.

This two tier bike rack is also exceptionally user-friendly. This means that storing your bicycle on the upper level could not be easier. The system uses integrated gas springs to help lift the bike and a unique system of dampers ensures a safe and controlled ‘hands-free’ descent when removing your bicycle.

- the bicycle hardly has to be lifted at all
- locking system for the bicycle
- ergonomically designed, non-slip handgrips
- parts that stick out are safely covered with a guard

- double the bicycle parking capacity
- most efficient rack on the market
- eye-catching design
- sustainable, reliable and low-maintenance
- integrated detection system possible


- can be used both indoors and outdoors
- suitable for both supervised and unsupervised bicycle parking facilities

Centre to centre distance of 37,5 cm:
- one-sided rack for 4, 12 or 16 bicycles
- double-sided rack for 8, 16, 24 or 32 bicycles

If your requirements are different, please let us know.
The basic elements can be linked to create rows of any length.

275 cm

All Easylift Premium models comply with FietsParKeur standards for dual-level bicycle parking systems. FietsParKeur guarantees high quality bicycle parking facilities. The standard has been developed in collaboration with the Dutch Cyclists Association.

There are securing loops for every bicycle on the Easylift Premium. The securing loops are big enough for cable and chain locks.

- installation set for joining racks together

VelopA will be happy to provide an instruction sign. The sign can be hung up in a prominent place near the bicycle parking system.

The Easylift Premium is suitable for bicycles with:
- tyre thickness of between 30 mm and 50 mm
- wheel diameter of between 26" and 28"

In other words, models including city bicycles, hybrid bicycles and children’s bicycles.

Frame, racks and brackets:
- steel, galvanized and/or coated
Wheel grooves:
- anodized aluminium
Plastic elements:
- PA6 glass-fibre filled

Frame, racks and brackets:
- RAL colours, available on request.
Wheel grooves:
- Titanium
Handgrips en gas springs cap:
- RAL 3000 Flame red. Other colours are available on request.
Other plastic elements:
- RAL 9005 Jet Black

VelopA offers a service contract for your Easylift Premium.

In developing the Easylift Premium, we took the reduction of CO2 emissions into careful consideration. As a result, our CO2 emissions during the production process have now been reduced by 35%. That is an average of 515 tonnes per year!

In order to make it easier to find your bicycle, there are options to use different colours for the grips on the racks. Marker posts or identification numbers are also options for finding the right aisles.

Stability and security:
Thanks to the smart design of the wheel grips and the anti-roll-off security feature, your bike is very secure and safe. Bikes cannot roll off the racks or bounce out of the gutters.
Low sill height:
To park a bike on top, the user hardly even has to lift the front wheel of the bicycle because the sill height is only 31 cm.
Minimal effort:
In pushing the bicycle upwards, the user is supported by the Easylift Premium’s system of gas springs. This means that minimal effort is required from the cyclist. The upward operating force for bicycles that weigh around 20 kilos is:
- less than 15 kilos up to a height of 135 cm above the ground
- less than 10 kilos from a height of 135 cm and higher
Damping and fluid motion:
The extendible part of the rack is pushed back in a fluid, straight motion and slowly comes down thanks to the unique damping system. Users say the whole movement is smooth, fluid and enjoyable.
Ergonomically designed handles:
The plastic handle has an ergonomic shape. The handle’s diameter, structure, measurements and design make it very user-friendly for both left and right-handed people.
Drainage system:
The clever drainage system ensures that users cannot be surprised by a sudden ‘shower’ when they pull out parts of the rack.

Anchoring the system into the ground is possible but not essential. It could be useful during installation and when the system is temporarily moved.
All the critical components are covered and not easily accessible. The construction is fitted with vandal-proof security bolts.
Level adjustment:
The frames can be adjusted in two directions to compensate for any irregularities in the floor.


Standard installation is onto the ground, on a concrete floor. Other installation options may be possible. Please ask about the possibilities.