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Choose the best bollards and parking barriers

With smartly and beautifully designed barrier bollards, parking barriers, road markings and security bollards, you can enhance traffic safety in your municipality and optimise your infrastructure, making your town or village stand out in the best possible way. You can’t go wrong with VelopA! We offer a wide range of smart, beautiful and practical solutions for a variety of traffic situations, all of which were designed by our own in-house design team. These solutions include:

  • Our Mark barrier bollard line, offering lots of options in terms of size and materials, applicable in different environments.
  • The ‘Drop-Box’: a practical storage solution for removable traffic bollards. The bollard can easily be unlocked, dropped down into the Drop-Box storage element and secured underground. The Drop-Box has been developed for use with a range of VelopA posts and bollards: the retractable Park-Click parking post, the Re-Flex, the Mark, and the Amsterdammertje.

Do you want your town or village to stand out through unique road markings or one-of-a-kind barrier bollards? Or do you have any other specific requirements or wishes? If so, choose for one of our tailor-made solutions.

See our product range bollards and traffic poles: