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Amsterdammertje barrier pole steel

The recognisable and trusted "Amsterdammertje" is functional in use and due to its reputation is a decorative element by itself. This barrier pole has an excellent price/quality ratio and is available in various different designs: Fixed, removable or spring-action.

- widely recognisable and trusted
- available in different designs
- excellent price/quality ratio


- fixed: tall version or with foot plate
- removable with ground sleeve or storage element
- sprung with ground sleeve

All models are available with or without white or red reflective strips. It is also possible to order models with a logo or the city arms shown on it.

The removable post can be folded down into the Drop-Box storage element. This means that the post can be stowed below ground level temporarily. The cover plate of the Drop-Box storage element is made of diamond plate in order to reduce the chance of slipping. Both the post and the storage element can be operated easily using a triangle key.

Thanks to the robust spring within the Spring-action Amsterdammertje, the pole will only ever move in the event of a strong collision, but remain in position leaving the pavement undamaged.

- locking plate for use with fixed bollard
- ground sleeve for use with removable bollard
- storageelement for use with removable bollard

- steel, galvanized and coated

Storage element: 
- stowing tray: steel, galvanized
- cover plate: diamond plate, galvanized

Almost all RAL colours can be delivered as standard.

Via the locking rod, the wing nut at the bottom of the pole is fastened with a hook lock against the ground anchor. The wing nut of the locking rod has a built-in protection against breaking and is very simple to replace after collision damage.



Fixed bollard, tall model:
- model needs to be embedded into ground

Fixed bollard with foot plate:
- the footplate is installed below ground level

Bollard, removable and sprung:
- the ground sleeve is recessed and sits flush with ground level and is then set in concrete and gravel