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Drop-Box storage element steel

The Drop-Box is a practical way of storing detachable posts or bollards. Each post can easily be unlocked and simply dropped down into the Drop-Box storage element. It takes just a couple of seconds to store each post safely below ground level. Thanks to the Drop-Box, there is no need to move the posts elsewhere for storage when not in use, thus saving time and money on transport and storage.*

The Drop-Box has been developed for use with a range of VelopA posts and bollards: the Mark, the Re-Flex, the Park Click and the Amsterdammertje. Existing removable posts can easily be retro-fitted with the Drop-Box too!

*cost savings for your local authority

- quick, convenient sub-surface storage for each post
- sturdy cover plate with non-slip coating eliminates any danger of slipping
- standard system can be used with a range of removable posts
- no more storage or transportation costs
- can also be fitted to existing posts and bollards
- no concrete base needed


The Drop-Box has been developed for use with various VelopA posts and bollards: the Mark, the Traffic, the VAP and the Amsterdammertje. The Drop-Box can be installed at new locations as well as at locations where there are already posts or bollards installed. The posts can later easily be replaced or changed for a different model.

Both the post and the storage element can be operated easily using a triangular spanner. The cover will automatically lock itself as the Drop-Box closes.

The Drop-Box can withstand the weight of light traffic up to 2000kg.

- steel, galvanized


The Drop-Box storage element is installed flush with the ground. The storage element has two foot plates for optimum stability (no concrete base is needed).