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VIP barrier pole RVS

The slim VIP has a sleek look, and it’s available in many different colours. This barrier pole is easy to install and excellently suited for decorating a street scene. The VIP with reflective strips helps to increase traffic safety, both during the day and at night.


  • a trim look

  • suitable for many different surroundings

Versions - 2 results

VIP uitn. RVS driekantslot m/p


VIP barrier pole RVS, uitneembaar, RVS 316 met betonvoet, met driekantslot

VIP vast RVS + betonvoet


VIP barrier pole RVS, vast, RVS 316 , met betonvoet


- Model with or without concrete foot, for installation under ground level
- Model with fixed footplate for surface installation
- Removable model with a concrete foot and triangular lock, for installation on a foundation beneath ground level
- Removable model with a concrete foot, including padlock facilities (without lock), for installation on a foundation beneath ground level

- Triangular spanner for the removable VIP
- Closing cover for the removable VIP
- Concrete foot for the removable VIP

Steel, galvanised and coated.

- Is delivered in RAL 3000, flame red as standard.
- Almost all RAL colours are available.

Reflective strips: 
- White

The removable VIP is provided with a triangular lock or a padlock.
In the case have a triangular lock, the pole is unlocked by means of a hook spanner. The pole is given a turn and subsequently pulled out.

In case of padlock facilities, the pole can be pulled out in the same way after the lock has been removed.


The concrete base of the fixed VIP or the removable VIP is installed flush with the ground. The concrete base of the fixed stainless steel model is embedded 12cm into the ground. The VIP fixed model without a concrete base needs to be set in poured concrete on site.