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Re-Flex cycle lane post

The Re-Flex cycle lane post helps to prevent collisions with posts and bollards placed on cycle lanes. The posts are easy to see and flexible, making them by far the best solution on cycle lanes and cycle paths. No other post or bollard does its job this well!

They have LED lighting and high-reflectivity strips and are exactly the right height and width. The colour ensures that they stand out and cannot be missed. All this means that cyclists are much less likely to collide with them. However, if a cyclist does collide with the Re-Flex post, it is not rigid and has some built-in ‘give’; the flexible material will also bend, helping to prevent injuries. However, although the Re-Flex is flexible - it has a steel core that makes sure that cars are kept well away!

- forgiving and flexible, helping to prevent cycling accidents
- stands out, because it is the right colour, has a reflective surface and is just the right height and width
- will bend, minimizing the chance of injury
- the model with built-in LED lighting provides even more visibility
- easy to install using an (existing) VelopA concrete base\
- fully recyclable


The Re-Flex has been awarded a Good Industrial Design Award. In order to qualify for the award, a product has to be more than just beautiful; functionality, innovation and materials are equally important. The jury found that the Re-Flex met all these criteria.

- fixed with concrete base, with or without LED unit
- detachable with triangular lock, withorwithout LED unit

The detachable models are available with or without a concrete base, but can also be folded away into the Drop-Box storage element.

The Re-Flex’s fully recessed and waterproof LED lighting unit is powered from a solar panel, making it fully self-sufficient. The unit has no less than eight LEDs, making the post visible from all directions. Depending on the length of the darkness and the amount of energy stored, the system can select the best lighting programme to run all night (fully lit / blinking / flashing on the right for approaching cyclists).

The post can easily be unlocked and stowed in the Drop-Box storage element. It takes just a couple of seconds to stow each post below ground level. Once stowed, there is no obstacle at all on the road surface. The cover of the Drop-Box is made of stainless steel checker plate to prevent the risk of slipping. Both the post and the storage element can be operated easily using a triangular spanner.

- concrete base
- Drop-Box storage element
- triangular spanner for use with removable post

- flexible polyethylene

- steel, galvanized

Storage element:
- ground box: steel, galvanized
- cover plate: stainless steel checker plate, galvanized

Reflective strips:
- Reflection class 3 (highest reflectivity)

RAL 9003 Signal white

Reflective strips:


- with concrete base: installed directly into the ground
- with storage element: installed directly into the ground The storage element has two foot plates for optimum stability (no concrete base is needed).