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Enhance your location’s appeal with beautiful, high-quality bicycle parking facilities

As a result of urbanisation and the increasingly limited supply of public space, smart design has become essential when it comes to bicycle parking facilities. That’s why we offer a wide variety of well-thought-out and highly efficient bicycle parking solutions, such as two-tier bicycle parking facilities and bike shelters with multi-tier bike racks, fitted with wayfinding technology. Within our extensive range, you will always find a bicycle storage facility that suits your needs, such as covered bike shelters, open and closed bicycle lockers and transparent bike shelters. All these products are made of high-grade materials to ensure a long product life and a high-quality look and feel, and can be tailored to fit seamlessly into any location you want. All of our shelters can easily be extended or added to, or fitted with bicycle racks, access gates or lighting – there are no limits.

Are you looking for the perfect compact bicycle-parking solution? Our raised Pixel, combined with our Easylift Premium or CapaCITY two-tier bicycle parking system, is the ideal solution for you.

Do you have any other specific wishes for your bicycle parking facility? Take a look at our tailor-made solutions and have our in-house design team design a bicycle shelter that perfectly suits your needs.

Our bicycle shelters: