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Pixel bicycle shelters for two-tier bicycle parking

The Pixel raised system is a designer shelter for two-tier bicycle parking systems. Together with the Easylift Premium or CapaCITY bicycle racks, you are guaranteed a perfect solution for your bicycle parking requirements. The innovative strong design of the Pixel makes it the perfect partner for the Easylift Premium and CapaCITY systems. The panelling of the Pixel can be finished with a perforated design, turning this shelter system into a unique and eye-catching facility. The perforation options are endless; from a company logo through to an atmosphere enhancing image or from a clean-lined pattern to a choice of text. The Pixel bicycle shelter system can be perfectly matched to the look of your building or the surroundings. Extra lighting in the shelter generates a remarkable effect in the dark. The Pixel is a real eye-catcher in any location!

- unique and eye-catching
- a boost for any location
- any design of your choice
- endless perforation options
- enhances the image of your organisation
- extra wide door openings on request


- available in any size you require
- with or without walls on one or more sides
- with or without sliding or hinged doors

- single sliding door with passage width 1.5 metres
- double sliding door with passage width 2 x 1.5 metres with central upright
- single hinged door with passage width 1.25 metres
- double hinged with passage width 2.0 metres

- electrical door drive system
- door closers

Ask about the options for installing lighting

Ask for the options for installing an access control system.

Rainwater is discharged via the steel gutter and hollow upright, exiting just above ground level.

- hot-dip galvanised, optionally coated steel
Roof covering:
- corrugated polyester panels with 450 g fibreglass reinforcement per m2 (light permeable)
- steel sheet piling profile panels, sendzimir-galvanised
- steel sheet piling profile panels, coated
- moss sedum roof
- smooth, perforated steel panels, 2 mm thick, hole diameter depending on the selected design between 4 and 15mm, coated
Rainwater discharge:
- hot-dip galvanised steel gutters, standard 50x100mm U-profile

- available in standard RAL-colours
Roof covering:
- steel sheet piling profile panels: available in standard Plastisol colours
Walls and doors:
- smooth, perforated steel panels, available in standard RAL colours

It is possible to take out a service contract.

VelopA offers a full range of support in selecting the ideal shelter system. To ensure the most ideal shelter system, we will ask you to answer a number of questions. Based on your replies, our sales team will prepare a customised recommendation. A telephone call is often enough. A member of our sales team may visit you to assess the situation on location, to discuss your specific wishes and to measure in the shelter system. You will then receive a proposal completely without obligation. You are guaranteed a perfect fitting solution that combines form and function.


- with standard concrete foot mountings with pre-cast threaded sleeves
- for installation on concrete, use chemical anchors
- for installation on asphalt, use asphalt anchors