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One location for sports, play or just getting together!

Are you looking for a way to make optimal use of public space while also promoting sports and social interaction? Or do you simply want to create more sports facilities for children ages 8 to 16? Every location is unique, and so is every project. That's why we have a wide range of solutions, from football cages to panna pitches to multi-purpose sports cages, such as our highly popular Omnistadium, which offers facilities for up to seven sports to be played. Our modular sports cages also offer plenty of opportunities to allow your stadium to change as your young people grow and mature (or as your annual budget does), making sure they don’t outgrow your sports cage by making it higher. No matter what your specific wishes are or what the location is, we are always happy to provide a tailor-made solution.

Our sports cages are:

  • Modular, can be expanded in both height and size, to your exact specifications in terms of location
  • Very robust, with a long service life and low maintenance
  • Made of high-grade materials, beautifully designed
  • Designed to limit any nuisance to the environment (low-noise design)

We also offer a wide variety of sports solutions for public squares. These include football goals, hockey goals, basketball baskets and a tennis net.

Our sports range: