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Omnistadium multisport field

The sturdy construction and design of the Omnistadium sport field entices you to a semi-professional game of football. The construction is based on the design of well-known football stadiums. As well as football, the pitch is also suitable for other ball games, such as basketball and volleyball Omnistadium is the perfect antidote to boredom!

- one site, suitable for various games
- soundproof
- modular: put together your own design
- available in various colours
- resistant to graffiti and vandalism


- public squares and parks
- leisure businesses
- education sector
- sports associations
- playground associations

The Omnistadium is proof that noise nuisance can be reduced to a minimum. This is realized by the very rigid, pressed grating fencing, extra vibration isolators and hollow steel uprights. Its sturdy construction and the quality of the materials used ensure that the Omnistadium requires little maintenance. Furthermore, VelopA gives a guarantee of no less than 10 years on the Omnistadium as proof of its durability!

The Omnistadium was inspired by the great football stadiums in the world and is the deserving winner of a Good Industrial Design (GIO) Award. This quality mark stands for a perfect balance between design, functionality, innovation and material choice. In other words, the Omnistadium is a splendid object that truly enhances public outdoor space.

Depending on the options chosen, the multifunctional Omnistadium, which can be lockable if required, can provide facilities for one or two sports or it can combine a comprehensive range of possibilities. The materials used and the construction ensure full rebound, doing full justice to the game concerned. Football, basketball, volleyball, handball, tennis or badminton, anything is possible with the Omnistadium.

As a result of its modular structure and the various wall heights available, the Omnistadium can be constructed in any dimensions required. It can be delivered in various colours and surfaces, and with a range of complementary products such as a high chair, dug-out, basket, goal or tennis or volleyball net.

- Vibration-free pressed-grating fencing
- No rubber used
- Grating clamps
- Shear nuts
- Gratings
- Very high-rigidity pressed grating
- Hot-dip galvanized finish, optional coating in RAL colour of choice
- Full-rebound, hollow steel posts (90 x 90 mm)
- Hot-dip galvanized finish, standard coating in RAL 9005 (Jet Black)
Roof panels:
- Grating with hot-dip galvanized finish, optional coating in any RAL colour

Posts and sides of goal:
- RAL 9005 Jet Black
- available in almost all RAL colours

Omnistadium is available in any dimensions required, based on the standard sizes. One of the most popular sizes is: 13.2 x 24.7 m.

- Omnigoal;
- Omnidunk;
- Omnibox;
- Network;
- Chico;
- Chico XL.