Street furniture, Bicycle parking, Shelters and Sport

Want to stand out with high-quality designer street furniture? You can!

Finding appealing, comfortable and safe solutions when it comes to designing street furniture for public spaces can prove to be a real challenge. This is where VelopA comes in. We offer a wide range of benches, picnic tables, litter bins, tree protection and tree grills. All our products are made of high-grade materials, guaranteeing sustainability and a long product life. Stand out by opting for appealing and thoughtful designs and avoid public spaces becoming run down through vandalism in the process. Our wide range of standard products offers lots of well-matched combinations, allowing you to make a selection of products that go together perfectly.

We also offer several innovative solutions, such as products that stimulate mobility in the elderly. To this end, we have developed our Vivanti product line, designed specifically to provide the elderly with a comfortable place to take a break from walking or shopping. The Vivanti senior bench even offers parking space for a wheeled walker. Or what about our Reposa picnic table, which is fully accessible to wheelchair users? We also offer exercise stations designed specifically for the elderly.

Or maybe you want to shine a spotlight on a number of prime locations within your municipality, or on an industrial estate, through innovative, one-of-a-kind designs. If so, choose one of our tailor-made solutions.

Whether it’s adding a city logo to a design or enhancing the appeal of public spaces in city and shopping centres in a uniform and unique way, finding the right combination of products for a residential area or even designing a completely new line of street furniture – nothing is out of reach with our tailor-made solutions!

Our street furniture range: