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Vivanti bench for the elderly wood with backrest 3 seater

The Vivanti bench for the elderly gives better sitting comfort and makes standing up easier due to its economically designed backrest, armrests and footrest. With the Vivanti products you can create a good walking route, for example from a residential area to a shopping centre. This enables you to give elderly people more mobility in society.

- creates greater area of mobility for elderly people
- ergonomically designed
- very solid construction
- available in many designs


- 1-seater chair
- 2-seater bench
- 3-seater bench

All models are available for installation on or below the surface

Seating and backrest:
- FSC® certified hardwood, untreated

The FSC® logo represents products which contain wood which originates from reliably managed forests which are independently certified in accordance with the FSC® rules. 1996 Forest Stewardship Council®, A.C. (CU-COC-008531).

Legs, footrest and armrests:
- steel with zinc primer coating, coated

Legs and armrests: 
- RAL 7021 black grey


For models to be installed below ground level the legs are installed in two long grooves; for designs with walking frame parking facility a small groove must be dug out for the installation of the walking frame parking element.

For models for surface installation the legs have a base plate to be installed on a fixed foundation, for example with chemical anchor fixings.