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Scala tree grills

Our attractively-designed Scala tree grill gives trees the protection they deserve. This functional, durable grill allows water and oxygen to penetrate so that roots can develop freely. The removable inner ring also gives the growing trunk ample space as it broadens. The models with ground spots give a very attractive overall effect. The tree grill is one of a wide range of Scala articles which complement one another.

- Provides optimum protection for every tree, from young to old
- Removable inner ring to allow the tree trunk to develop
- The special coating prevents the surface from becoming slippery
- Easy to install
- Emphasizes the street direction by means of the oval and rectangular planting holes


- Square with oval planting hole
- Square with oval planting hole, suitable for one or more ground spots and/or aeration and watering
- Square with rectangular planting hole
- Square with rectangular planting hole, suitable for ground spot(s) and/or aeration and watering

Scala tree grills can be equipped with a hinging lid for easy access to the hose (max. Ø 90 mm) for external watering or aeration. The lid can be opened with a triangular spanner.

- Inner ring, oval planting hole
- Inner ring, rectangular planting hole
- Stainless steel ground spot with adjustable angle
- Stainless steel ground spot for symmetrical lighting

Materials and treatment 
Tree grill:
- Steel with zinc primer coating, coated
Tree grill locking frame:
- Steel, galvanized

- Noir Sablé 100 (dark grey), other Sablé colours on request.

For other Scala products, see: Scala cages and braces for tree protection and tying poles for the planting young trees.

The tree grill is suitable for light traffic (private cars, delivery vans, etc.).

The ground spots are suitable for a pressure load up to 1000 kg.


The locking frame is installed on a sturdy base, for example to a concrete edge. Subsequently the mutually-connected grill parts are screwed onto the frame. An inner ring can be installed, if required.