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Scala tree protection

Stylish Scala tree guards give every tree, from young to old, the support and protection it needs. Tree guards can easily be adjusted to accommodate the tree as it grows. All the articles in the wide range of Scala tree protection products can be combined with one another and will last the entire lifetime of the tree!

- broad range of products that can be combined with one another
- optimum protection for every tree, from young to old
- simple installation
- fits into every street scene


- Scala tree brace, oval and rectangular, low and high: to protect trees

- Scala tree guards
- Scala tree grills
- Scala tying poles
- Scala tree braces

Steel, galvanized and coated

Noir Sablé 100 (dark grey), other Sablé colours on request.



It is very easy to attach Scala tree braces to Scala tree grills.