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Limpio litter bin

The Limpio is an eye-catching waste container with a modern design. Thanks to its unique details, the Limpio is highly practical and user-friendly. The sloped cover protects the unit from rain, prevents waste accumulation and deters birds. The notches on the exterior also effectively prevent fly-posting. Its slim design and spacious capacity of up to 115 litres make the Limpio ideal for busy locations where large numbers of people congregate.

- Practical and user-friendly
- Highly resistant to vandalism
- Notched sides help prevent fly-posting
- Large capacity


- With 90-litre inner container;
- Rotating interior ring for 115-litre bin liner

Both models are suitable for installation on the paving or anchoring into the foundations below ground level.

Cigarette stub extinguisher can be fitted on the front of the Limpio.

Locking system
Three-sides lock

Tubular frame, housing and interior ring:
- Steel, zinc-plated and coated
Interior bin:
- Stainless steel
Cigarette extinguisher:
- Coated stainless steel

Tubular frame, housing and interior ring:
- RAL 7024 graphite grey
- Other colours available on request
- Available in almost all RAL colours

The front can be removed using the key supplied for easy emptying. A chain on the front prevents the door opening too widely. The inner bin is fitted with two handgrips on the sides. In the model with the inner ring, the ring turns outwards enabling the bin liner to be replaced quickly. The cigarette stub extinguisher can be emptied when the front is rotated outwards.


- The model for installation on paving has a footplate with chemical anchors for securing to a solid surface.
- The model for installation below ground level has a rugged foundation plate that is installed in a trench below ground level. There is no need to set it in concrete.