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Sports field with a shelter / School

Project information

When schools lack sports facilities but prefer having PE classes on school grounds, a multifunctional sports field including a shelter is the perfect solution. The multicourt is suitable for PE classes and children can use it during breaks and playtime to stay active by playing football, basketball, hockey or handball. By giving part of the Omnistadium a roof, teaching staff and students will also be able to use the sports cage and artificial grass pitch when it rains, snows or when there is strong wind. This is ideal because it eliminates the significant expense of renting external gym facilities.


  • Location: School

The main aspect of the sports field is the Omnistadium sports cage, with a low-noise design that is unrivalled in the Netherlands. The shape of the Omnistadium is reminiscent of well-known, large-scale stadiums, making athletes feel like they are in an actual sports arena, with the beautifully designed sports cage contributing to the environment’s appeal. The total sports area is divided into three fields using colours, making it possible to play different sports at the same time. This also reaffirms the social importance of sports fields.

If you would like VelopA to assist you with a sports-related query, please contact us of one of our distributors. We will be happy to help you find the right design for your outdoor area.

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