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We are experts in the efficient, sustainable, and attractive enhancement of increasingly limited public spaces. With over 50 years of experience within the public realm we’re confident you’ll benefit from our specialist and in-depth knowledge! Together we can make outdoor public spaces more appealing and safe.

Solutions for bicycle mobility - VelopA International

Bicycle mobility

Enhancing bicycle mobility often poses a range of challenges for your city or municipality. Any number of solutions are possible, such as making bicycle parking facilities more efficient and secure. But what solution is the best fit for your situation?

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Solutions for design street furniture - VelopA International

Street furniture

How can we ensure that all users of public spaces feel safer and more at ease in these surroundings? And how can you ensure that your city’s streets, campus’ or business park’s image is enhanced?

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Solutions for outdoor sports - VelopA International

Outdoor sports

To combat anti-social behaviour and childhood obesity it is essential that young people have plenty of sports or leisure activities to choose from at locations specifically designed for this purpose. And how could you make the best possible use of an increasingly limited public space?

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