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Bicycle mobility

Cyclists contribute to the continuous development of a sustainable, healthy and safe urban environment. But taking cyclists into account can come with challenges in terms of infrastructure. What can you do to prevent a shortage of bicycle parking facilities or unsafe situations. How could you efficiently help prevent bicycle collisions with posts or other accidents, or solve problems due to abandoned bicycles? All these topics are often high on the agenda of cities and municipalities.

Solutions to bicycle mobility tailored to your (specific) needs

Every location has its own needs. How many cyclists do you expect at your location? Which types of bicycles will be parked there (mountainbikes, bicycles with crates, city bikes, cargo bikes)? For what period of time will the bicycles be parked? What is more important to you - accessibility or security? Or would you like to improve the accessibility of a city centre, station, school, hospital, sports park or workplace?

We would be thrilled to assist you in finding solutions to these types of issues!

With decades of experience in the field of bicycle mobility, you can count on us. Based on your requirements, we will develop the best possible solution for your specific situation. Some examples:

  • The most efficient layout of bicycle parking facilities. Together with our in-house design team, we will design and develop tailored solutions with your specific needs in mind.
  • The safe, user-friendly and beautiful design of outdoor public spaces, with solutions such as robust bicycle shelters or smart designs for bicycle parking facilities.
  • Optimum planning for bicycle parking facilities using solutions such as our two-tier bicycle parking system for maximum use of the space.
  • Smarter design of bicycle parking facilities to prevent long queues and parking outside the facility.
  • Practical solutions such as the bicycle detection system that can help the user spot empty racks or find the location of their bike in the blink of an eye thanks to way-finding. Facility management can use this detection system to easily locate abandoned bicycles.
  • Using (mobile) solutions such as park & bike or park & ride make it easy and practical to restrict access by bike or other forms of traffic to city centres or shopping centres.
  • Practical information on mobility for your bicycle policy based on bicycle flows and other bicycle data that is accurately catalogued by our bicycle counting system.
  • The bicycle sharing system Hopperpoint can be used for employees traversing the city or commuting to their place of work by bicycle instead of by car. Hopperpoint is more sustainable and cheaper, CO2 emissions are reduced and, for added benefit, your employees are encouraged to live a healthy lifestyle and your image gets a boost.

These are examples of ways in which we continue to work together with our clients to devise new and creative solutions to achieve a healthier, more sustainable and smarter environment.

Do you have any specific questions or needs? We will work to create tailored solutions specifically for you, in cooperation with our partners. This way you will continue to have only one point of contact and costs remain transparent and manageable.

Bicycle shelters - bicycle parking facility- tailored solution

Bicycle parking facility with "Asker-design"

The "Asker-design", which is based on patterns in the bark of ash trees. Read more about this solution


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Tailored solutions

We aspire to provide you with solutions tailored to your needs


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Tailored solutions

Bicycle Parking Facility at Rotterdam Central Station

Two-tier bicycle parking at the railway station

Brighton Cycle Hub

The ideal solution for when space needs to be as efficient as possible

The right solution, in the right place, at the right time – always!

Together with our street furniture and our options for sports facilities we offer a wide range of sustainable concepts to make the outdoor public space safer and more attractive. Our solutions are consistently high-quality and have a long service life. This reduces maintenance and management fees and takes environmental impact into account.

NEW in our product range

Construct | Corten steel | Design

Heightened Pixel

The newest generation of two-tier bicycle parking facilities


Bicycle rack, charging point and advertising space, all in one!

Easylift Premium

Two-tier bicycle parking | User-friendly


Prevent collisions | Easy to see and flexible