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Outdoor sports

There are usually plenty of playgrounds and other facilities for young children in residential neighbourhoods. However, most of the time, there are not enough sports and play facilities for children and youngsters between the ages of 8 and 16. Due to urbanisation, making optimum use of outdoor public spaces can present a huge challenge. MUGAs, such as our multi-functional Omnistadium or Panna Field are ideal solutions for these cases. This way you can promote sport and being active while offering a place to meet; all in one convenient location.

Which cage construction would be ideal for your location?

Would you like sports clubs, sports centres or schools to also start using this sports facility? What size would it need to be? Will the facility be used year-round, would it need to have a full or partial shelter? There are so many options and possibilities! We would be delighted to advise you on this important investment so residents in your area can enjoy many years of sports and play at this facility.

Every situation is different along with varying wishes and needs. We will work together to tailor the facility to meet your specific demands. Consider challenging sports and play fields with a mix of football, hockey or basketball facilities. And let us advise you on the size, functionalities or even the colour of the ground. From panna pitches to a full-size Omnistadium in which up to seven different types of sports can be played at the same time. Our modular solutions also offer plenty of opportunities to allow your stadium to change as your youngsters grow and mature, or perhaps spend your annual budget on making the MUGA taller.

A quick reminder of the key advantages of our Omnistadium:

  • Modular, can be expanded in both height and size to your exact specifications in terms of location
  • Very robust, with a long service life and low maintenance
  • High quality and beautiful design
  • Noise-reducing design which will help prevent disturbance to neighbouring residents

Do you have any specific questions or needs? In cooperation with our partners, we will work to create tailored solutions specifically for you. This way you will continue to have only one point of contact and costs will remain transparent and manageable.



Omnistadium | The ultimate multi-court

The sturdy construction and design of the Omnistadium entices you to a semi-professional game of football. The construction is based on the design of well-known football stadiums. As well as football, the pitch is also suitable for other ball games, such as basketball and volleyball Omnistadium is the perfect antidote to boredom!


Use our extensive expertise to your advantage

Tailored solutions

We aspire to provide you with solutions tailored to your needs


Enquire about our various services for customisation maintenance and management

VelopA International | endless possibilities

Sportpark Woudhoek

Playground | 13 different sports | Endless possibilities

VelopA-fietsparkeeroplossing Centraal station Rotterdam

Streetworkout Zoeterwoude

Bootcamp | Tough materials | Low maintenance

The right solution, in the right place, at the right time – always!

Together with our bicycle mobility solutions and street furniture we offer a wide range of sustainable concepts to make the outdoor public space safer and more attractive. Our solutions are consistently high-quality and have a long service life. This reduces maintenance and management fees and takes environmental impact into account.


Our ballrink is the perfect place for a game of street hockey


Suitable for diverse purposes, such as a meeting point or a dugout in the Omnistadium

Panna Field

Lots of fun at a low investment

VelopA - sporten op hoogte - multifunctioneel sportdak

Sports in the sky

Multifunctional sports roof at the Caland Lyceym in Amsterdam

Sports field with a shelter

Multicourt suitable for PE classes